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Habiter les songes (Dwelling in dreams)


In 2018, Nadège Mouyssinat and Clémentine Brandibas were honored to receive the Young Creation Prize from the Art Workshops of France, and on that occasion, they exhibited together at the Révélations 2019 fair. During this time, they discovered a strong artistic connection, recognizing commonalities in their practices, inspirations, and artistic standards.

This collaboration, Habiter les songes (“Dwelling in Dreams”), was inspired by an author they both deeply admire, François CHENG, and in particular, by the following passage that resonated with them:

“In a way, the true Emptiness must be more fully inhabited than the Full.
For it is he, in the form of smoke, mists, clouds or invisible breaths, who carries all things, drawing them into the process of secret mutations.”
(François Cheng, “Souffle Esprit”)

Unique pieces

⬍ 48 cm ⬌ 19 cm

These are porcelain sculptures, dyed throughout and adorned with Clémentine Brandibas’s feather marquetry. It’s truly a collaborative effort: Clémentine created a sample on a small piece of dyed porcelain and shared the result with Nadège Mouyssinat, which inspired her a specific shape.

Nadège then designed a model and crafted a mold. With each casting, random patterns emerge, igniting her creativity. She sculpts the still-damp clay using a small plaster mallet she made… The firing process freezes these mysterious forms, characterized by their interiority and curves. Nadège then handed them over to Clémentine, who let her creativity flow, crafting marquetry for each piece, each motif…