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Nùria is a statue of the Virgin in Majesty venerated in the Benedictine monastery of Montserrat in Catalonia. In religious terms, the Virgin Mary holds specific significance that refers to universal principles and the myth of origins. Nùria can bring to mind plant elements as well as a feminine presence suggested by the curves and counter curves. It seems to carry a kind of dormant breath ready to come back to life at any moment.

High White Nùria

Special order

⬍ 180 cm ⬌ 47 x 47 cm

Porcelain biscuit

Holly Queen

Special order

⬍ 230 cm ⬌ 47 x 47 cm

Porcelain biscuit

Nùria Animale

Special order

⬍ 140 cm ⬌ 40 x 40 cm

Porcelain and glaze

Black Nùria

Special order

⬍ 140 cm ⬌ 36 x 36 cm

Porcelain and metal oxides