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The Pseudospheres sculptures rooted in ``The Creation of Adam`` in the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. God gives the spark of life to Adam by leaning towards him, ready to touch his finger with his index finger. It is in this interval that everything is played out. The pseudosphere is a 3D mathematical object that materializes in three dimensions the concept of infinity.

Little Sanctuary

Limited edition of 12 pieces

⬍ 32 cm ⬌ 16 x 16 cm

Porcelain and stainless steel

Pseudospheres sculptures

Unique pieces

Variable dimensions

Porcelain and stainless steel or brass


Limited edition of 12 pieces

⬍ 138 cm ⬌ 125 x 50 cm

Central plate: ⬍ 85 cm ⬌ 60 x 30 cm

Available in grey shades and brass
or white shades and stainless steel.

Special orders

Porcelain and stainless steel

Porcelain and stainless steel

Porcelain, stainless steel and gold leaf

Porcelain, stainless steel and platine

Porcelain, stainless steel and gold