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White landscape - Pseudosphères - Nadège Mouyssinat - Sculpture en porcelaine et céramique contemporaine


The pseudospheres appeared at the end of a path that is rooted in ``The Creation of Adam`` in the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. God gives the spark of life to Adam by leaning towards him, ready to touch his finger with his index finger. Despite this short distance never traveled, the message is transmitted. It is in this interval, this void, this synaptic junction that everything is played out.

This symbol, extremely strong, of the creation challenges Nadège Mouyssinat. With the series ``Nùria``, she begins a formal reflection on this point of non-contact and seeks to go further by thinking the cone. At the same time, she discovered the exhibition ``Mathematical Objects`` of 1936. It presents small educational objects that materialize in three dimensions concepts, theorems and surface geometry. The pseudosphere is part of the pieces. Her research on the cone crystallized and she began a series of sculptures that rise as much as they spread through the void, in a setting in tension of a precarious balance.

Virginie Baro, gallery owner and curator, ``The Tipping Point`` and the Pseudospheres series, 2020.


Porcelain, stainless steel, gold leaf, liquid gold, lusters...

Photos © David Duchond Doris, Edensehn Photography, Lùna Mouries